Why Am I Self Conscious & What Should I Do?

Why Am I Self Conscious in Social Situations and How Do I Overcome It.

Feeling self-conscious normally isn’t something that you have much control over. You might want to be the most confident person in the world, but something inside you just won’t let you do it!

If you’re sick of feeling shy and insecure in social situations, or you feel like you’re missing out on opportunities because you’re too self-conscious, here are some of the ways that you can be less so and start to improve your confidence levels.

Why Am I Self Conscious # 1 You Are Constantly Comparing Yourself To Others

Don’t think of people as being so great. They are only people just like you, and it doesn’t matter if they are older than you, in a better job, smarter than you or have achieved more in their lifetime than you have in yours.

What matters is that we are all people, and should feel that we can communicate freely without having to worry about others judging us. While this doesn’t mean that people won’t judge you or won’t have negative thoughts about you, it does mean that you should push them to one side and not worry so much about what others might be thinking.

Why Am I Self Conscious # 2 You Are Naturally Shy

Think about what you’d say to somebody in your situation. If somebody told you that they were too shy to speak at an event or that they walked away from meeting a date because they were just too self-conscious, what advice would you offer them?

Would you agree that it was the right thing to do, or would you encourage them to go for it and push their anxieties and worries to one side? In situations where you feel like things are difficult, give yourself the advice that you’d give to others.

Why Am I Self Conscious # 3 You Care Too Much About What Others Think

Remember that most people just don’t care. Sometimes unfortunately and sometimes quite fortunately, most people just don’t care enough about your flaws and failings to make a big deal out of it. If you feel nervous while you’re talking, try not to show it and soldier on because most people probably just aren’t noticing at all.

It will always seem like a much bigger deal to you than it does to other people. Many people are just so worried about what they themselves look like or what they’re going to say next or how they’re going to respond that they just don’t have time to worry about how you’re feeling or whether you have more confidence than them.

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