Where Does Intuition Come From ?

Where does intuition come from?

Your intuition comes from subconscious cues in the form of the strong feelings you get that lead you toward a certain decision or feeling about something with seemingly little information. Your intuition goes by a variety of names. A few common ones include:

●    Your inner voice
●    Gut feelings
●    Hunches
●    Your instincts
●    Your guiding force or guiding light
●    Your deep down feelings

How Does Following Your Intuition Work?

Besides where does intuition come from, you also need to know how it works. Having an intuition is a natural part of being a human being. Much like our many other counterparts in the animal world, we’re all born with an inner voice that seems to feel and know things before we have time to process our thoughts and make a decision.

Have you ever felt yourself leaning toward a feeling or decision about something before you had the chance to familiarize yourself with the situation better? That was likely your intuition trying to send you a message!

While the idea of trusting your intuition’s “gut feelings” over rational thinking can feel wrong, these internal cues are often correct. While it may seem like an unbalanced way to approach problem solving, there is scientific evidence for the reliability of intuition.

This is an example of your intuition sending you a message when you had little logical information about the new person. You may have thought, “I don’t have a reason to dislike this person, I just met them….so why do I feel this way”? How can you trust such strong feelings about someone you just met?

Don't try to comprehend with your mind. Your minds are very limited. Use your intuition.

-Madeleine L'Engle

“When you face a new challenge, remember the skills, talent, guts and resources that got you through before.”
― Lynn A. Robinson

To know how to trust your intuition, it’s best to understand how it functions. Your intuition exists in your subconscious mind–this is the part of the human mind that thinks and processes thoughts “below the surface” of our conscious mind.

The conscious mind is where all the thinking we’re automatically aware of happens. Just because the subconscious mind is often working in the background doesn’t mean it isn’t a powerful force for thinking and problem solving.

Where does intuition come from? The intuition.

Cues that spring forth from the subconscious mind aren’t irrational or random–they’re a product of your stored memories and thoughts attempting to give you guidance or a warning about something.

How can you tell when your intuition is speaking to you?

Different people experience different signs of their intuition speaking to them. Some of the ways your intuition may “speak” includes:

●    A strong sense to get away from or stay out of a situation, person, etc.
●    A positive feeling toward someone, an option, etc.
●    Physical sensations in the body, such as a headache or tense stomach
●    An overwhelming sense of sadness, dread, fear, etc.
●    ….and many more!

When your intuition begins sending you signals, it’s common to physically feel them. Have you ever met someone new and felt the hair on the back of your neck stand on end? This is an example of your intuition sending you signals about this new person. Learning how your intuition physically speaks to you is key to understanding when to listen to it.

What triggers your intuition to speak to you?

Many people assume the intuition only speaks as a warning to deliver a message of danger, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Your intuition can also speak to help you make a good decision between different options or to send you on a positive path.

For example, your intuition can warn you that someone you just met is a potential danger, but it can also help you decide between job offers. Your intuition is triggered to speak by a variety of events.

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