Visualize Your Dreams And Take  Action
To Create Happiness and Success

Part II of Build Your Self Esteem: Visualize Your Dreams

Visualize Your Dreams To Create The Success And Happiness You Desire.

This is a way to visualize what it is that you want. When you use visualization, you keep your focus. This works to keep you motivated. Studies have shown that motivated people are happier and less stressed than those who aren't.

It's also true that people who have a dream they want to accomplish find more inner satisfaction. The daily act of taking the time to picture your dreams leads you to appreciate the journey.

You'll be able to find happiness - even when things go wrong - if whatever steps you're taking focus on seeing your dreams come true. Close your eyes and visualize you decorating your new home, seeing your bank account with a specific amount of money in it, or being welcomed home with open arms by a loving family.

This act of imagination will help you start living the role of the life you want to be in. But you don't want to stay chained to disappointment for what hasn't manifested itself yet.

Being appreciative of your current situation and where you're heading is important, too. Be grateful for the things and the opportunities that come your way that allow you to chase after what you want.

If you have good health that allows you to do what you want to do, be thankful for that. Whenever opportunities come along, recognize them for what they are, a step toward the future you want.

 ...visualize your dreams to stay focused on your end goal...

Even when obstacles crop up, appreciate them. Because obstacles mean that you're moving forward -hat you're taking action to make the picture of your dreams a reality.

Challenge yourself daily in any area of your life, you end up growing. If you stick to what you already know and you only do the things you know you're good at, you stay stagnant

Choose an area of your life to challenge yourself in (and make sure that you cover each of them). For example, in the area of exercise, challenge yourself to do more than you thought you could with your exercise program.

...visualize your dreams of the end result to push yourself forward to success...

Maybe instead of doing 30 minutes of walking each day, you shoot for 45 minutes. You'll gain a sense of accomplishment that will make you feel both happy and successful.

Try a new food - something that's outside of your comfort zone. This broadens your horizons and can help you learn about other cultures. Maybe you find happiness in cooking, so this can bring your family together, too.

Learn something new. People that continually grow in knowledge challenge their brain. This can be a new language, book, or skill. It could be something like taking a dance lesson or visiting a place that moves you, shakes up your life, and gives you a deeper perspective.

Resurrect a failure. Every single person in the world has a failure of some kind in their life. They tried something and it didn't work. They couldn't accomplish a goal - couldn't grasp enough of the knowledge needed to make an idea work.

Look back over something that you tried and really wanted but gave up on. Sometimes the passing of time can add fresh ideas and a better understanding of why the failure happened.

 ...visualize your dreams of happiness and success to stay in an upbeat mood and energy so that you are more productive...

When you look back over your life at something that failed, it could be that you just weren't prepared for that success. When you challenge yourself to be an "overcomer," you'll find a sense of happiness because of the completion of each task.

Finishing something contributes to success. It's especially rewarding when you go back to something you previously failed at. Remember, it took many tries before the lightbulb finally worked!

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