What is the mindset behind success?

Part II of Cultivating A Success Mindset...

Understanding the mindset behind success...

Cultivating A Success Mindset By Putting Boundaries Between Yourself and Energy Vampires

At the same time that you’re putting measures in to support a healthy mindset, you want to put a barricade between yourself and the losing mindset that plagues others. When we talk about energy vampires, it’s not from a bullying point of view.

This its simply a label to describe those who never think of winning – whose entire future is limited by their own inability to allow themselves to succeed. They are defined by their victim mindset, and if you let it be around you too much, it can suck your creativity and drive and become an obstacle in your own journey.

Limit the people around you who constantly complain about everything. They don’t just complain about work or the industry, although they complain about that, too. These people wake up on the wrong side of the bed every day.

They gripe about their customers, their business partners, their affiliates, the platforms they sell on, their own 00work efforts. They complain about long lines at the store, traffic, or a meal. They simply cannot be positive, and it reflects how much they don't understand the mindset behind success.

Cultivating the mindset behind success requires you to establish firm boundaries in order to stay on track.

Put boundaries in your life for people who mock your goals. These could be people online or off, including family and friends who don’t understand your vision or the marketing world in general.

If you’re pursing a fiction writing career, they may balk at you actually believing you can succeed, even though thousands of indie self-publishers make amazing money on Amazon Kindle every day.

If you say you’re starting your own business in a niche and they raise their eyebrows at you believing you can lead that niche, then begin limiting your exposure to these people who will put holes in your confidence.

Don’t hang around people who think small and do even less. There are many people who are entrepreneurs, but who can’t see themselves as big successes. Maybe they only have an idea to work for others as a service provider, and even then, they take on tiny projects so they don’t have to put themselves out there.

You want people who aren’t afraid to make a splash surrounding you. Stay away from scammers and shady individuals whose success is built on the pain of others, if it even exists at all.

Say goodbye to people who talk a lot, but can’t take action. These people always have a project or dream in the pipeline, but nothing ever materializes. It might be five years later and they’re still talking about a launch they’re going to have someday.

Cultivating A Success Mindset By NOT Buying Into Hysterical Thought Processes

Hysterical worry and anxiety when being a solo entrepreneur can occur when you’re putting yourself out there and you know you don’t have anyone to lean on during a launch, a live webinar or something else intimidating.

As an entrepreneur, you’re going to be under a lot of pressure to perform. Since you don’t have an entire team of people working for your company, the success or failure of your business rests solely on your shoulders.

This can cause bouts of hysteria, when everything that’s been going along as planned suddenly becomes terrifying. You start shooting your confidence down and telling yourself things like your launch is going to flop miserably, that everyone’s going to laugh at you, or that customers are all going to hate what you released.

This kind of over-the-top mindset can cause you to make dumb decisions in the middle of a panic. You have to keep a stable head when working as an online entrepreneur. That means that even if your site crashes in the middle of a launch, you don’t lose it and begin crumbling.

Mindset behind success: Think of the worst-case-scenario ahead of time.

Let’s say you’ve worked very hard on putting together an amazing launch. You recruit some top affiliates and are pleased with the feedback you’ve gotten from preliminary reviews.

But on launch day, more traffic than you expected hit, and your site crashes due to the volume of traffic it’s receiving. A mentally unprepared marketer would cry, post about this as a defeating moment, and maybe even abandon all hope of future success.

They would suffer severe shame and may not even have the guts to do a future launch after this one blip in the road. Instead of allowing hysterical thoughts to take over during a crisis moment in your business, prepare for situations ahead of time.

What are some things you could do to prevent this from happening or to alleviate the catastrophe once it hit? You could have a different site set up to redirect the traffic to. You could reach out to affiliates and apologize, and bump their commission for the next 24 hours.

Make sure you have the phone number of your hosting company on hand so that you can immediately call and get the situation remedied if you have to level up to a better hosting plan that can accommodate the traffic numbers.

You need to know that you’re not helpless in any scenario with your business. You just have to act as an entire solutions team all on your own. That merely requires you to plan and prepare – and that is something you’re capable of doing.

Cultivating A Success Mindset By Consistently Shining a Light on Your Accomplishments

Nothing defeats self-doubt quite like proof. Every time you complete a project, make a new connection, or go a day without giving in to any self-limiting beliefs, you’re proving your old self wrong about you.

You can achieve this level of confidence by being consistent with your efforts. Look back on your track record for the past year. How many projects have you given up on? How often do you turn something down because you are too shy or don’t believe you have what it takes to see it through to completion?

You want to change that track record from one of misses to one of many hits. You want to see consistency in your work. Day in, day out. You want to show up and serve your audience.

Mindset behind success: If you start something finish it.

If you start something – whether it’s a launch of your own or a course you bought from someone else to teach you something – you want to finish it. Even if you start a project and later don’t feel like launching it anymore, finish it.

You have to become adept at being a closer, not a quitter. Consistent action taking, even if it’s mere minutes per day, will allow you to see yourself in a new light. But someone who only works sporadically, who doesn’t devote their time and efforts to working on their business, isn’t taking this seriously.

Not only will you not take yourself seriously, but other marketers who might be affiliates and who see you constantly mention an idea and quit, won’t take you seriously. Neither will prospective customers.

They see you constantly give up and they worry that if they did manage to buy your product, you’d abandon them and leave them floundering on their own with no customer service.

"Mindset behind success- Blow Your Own Horn!"

Shine a light on all of your accomplishments. These may be small in the beginning. It might be something as simple as outlining a product or responding to all of your emails. It could be bringing a single, big-league affiliate onboard.

Take note of these milestones that will add up to big success one day. When you start highlighting these, rather than the incremental failures you’ve had, it snowballs into strong momentum for you.

You become addicted to seeing how many more accomplishments you can add to the list, and it gives you a sense of pride, and ultimately, belief that you’re capable of achieving any goal or dream that you desire.


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