Stay Strong Believe In Yourself. You've Got This!

“We are who we believe we are.” – C.S. Lewis

If you stay strong believe in yourself and keep pushing, you can reach your dreams and attain anything you want in life.

Not believing in one's self is the one thing that’s preventing most people from living to the best of their abilities, pursuing their dreams, or executing ideas is a lack of confidence in their ability to succeed.

Maybe you don’t have confidence in yourself or your ability to accomplish what you desire. You feel massive success is only meant for a select few and shy away from doing what you are supposed to.

If you don’t stay strong believe in yourself or have faith in your capabilities, progressing or succeeding in any area of your life will be challenging. You will second-guess your every move, think about all the reasons why you will never get to your goal, and give up on experiments too soon.

This is why you need to build your confidence and learn to trust yourself whether or not you receive the support you are looking for from your loved ones.

Trusting that you can achieve any goal you set, being certain you have what it takes, and pursuing your aims without entertaining feelings of self-doubt or listening to nay-sayers is a smart way of boosting your confidence and strengthening self-belief.

Once you start believing in yourself, your life will take a completely different turn. New opportunities will open up, self-doubt will disappear, you will begin reaching each goal you set, trust your ideas more, and achieve ruthless execution.

Remember that it isn’t much you can accomplish when you don’t stay strong believe in yourself. Self-doubt has the power of making your situation appear worse than it is. It can force you to think negative and believe there is no solution to your problems, your failures are the end of the road, and your dreams are too far out of reach.

Things that can’t be further from the truth.

The world’s most successful and highly-accomplished individuals all have one thing in common; a strong sense of self-belief. They managed to overcome setbacks and believe in yourself a little more, continue working amid oppositions, get over disappointments, recover from countless rejections, and bounce back from massive failures because of having confidence in their abilities.

There is nothing unattainable or too big to accomplish if you believe in yourself. There is no limit to how far you can go as long as you refuse to quit, keep holding on to your faith, stay strong believe in yourself knowing that you can do anything.

How to keep believing in yourself and continue chasing your dreams despite what happens.

Believe change is possible.

The best way of moving from where you are to where you desire to be is by believing that change is possible. When you believe that change is possible, you begin taking the necessary steps toward effecting that change and that cultivates your self-confidence.

You start seeing obstacles as opportunities for growth. You see failures as a chance to learn something valuable and you concentrate on bringing about the change you desire to see.

Trust your abilities.

Having faith in your capabilities enhances your self-confidence and keeps you believing in yourself. So, learn to trust your ability to accomplish anything you desire even when no one else does.

The smartest way of ensuring you keep trusting your abilities when things get tough is by keeping a record of your successes.

So, keep a journal of your achievements and always carry it with you so you can be reminded that you have what it takes to reach your goals.

Focus on your strengths.

One thing that gives rise to self-doubt and harms your confidence is focusing more on your weaknesses and less on your strengths.

When you stay strong believe in yourself and focus on what you are good at and on improving your skills, your self-confidence improves and you find a million reasons why you should continue working on attaining your dreams.

Focusing on your strengths keeps you believing in yourself and thinking “I can” and “I will.”

Name your fears and eliminate them.

Fear can stop you from doing what you know you are supposed to do and prevent you from living the life you are capable of living. Fear of failure and uncertainty forces you to settle when you shouldn’t, compromise where you mustn’t, and be blind to opportunities that have the power of turning your life around. Therefore, identify your fears, recognize where they come from, and eliminate them to increase your self-confidence and have faith in yourself.

Realize the power of confidence and believing in yourself in advancing in your career, developing healthy relationships, executing your ideas, working on your goals, standing by your principles as well as achieving personal satisfaction.

When you believe in yourself, you will recognize and seize opportunities when they come. You will take risks and never allow fear to get in the way. You will get back up each time you fall, appreciate yourself more, and keep moving forward because you know that it’s only a matter of time before you get to your destination.


Tyler Perry speaks of his humble beginning in the film industry which was characterized by years of hard work but getting no interested viewers for his shows.

In his exact words, he says, “I remember when I did my first show. I worked day and night and saved $1200, put that show up, and thought twelve hundred people would show up but only thirty did and I knew every one of them. I didn’t stop, that didn’t deter me. That was in 1992. 1993 same thing happened, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 up until 1998. Same devastation, nobody showing up in the audience. I was doing one show a year, working with different promoters trying to get the show up and nobody showing up but I didn’t stop.”

Today he is a world know actor, TV producer, and songwriter who was named the highest-earning man in entertainment by Forbes magazine in 2011.

Can you imagine the discouragement during those years of no tangible fruit though? Who in their right mind continues to work on something not for months but years while consecutively receiving underwhelming results? A determined man that’s who.

This is someone who didn’t just run after the goal without a strong conviction that they were the man for the job. This is the kind of person who looks forward, climbs over a mountain if there be one, and puts on his walking shoes when the journey turns into a hike.

In the same interview, Tyler Perry spoke about people who start one thing today, change tomorrow, and by the end of six months have tried five different things.

He said that when advising such people he usually tries to get them to focus instead of spreading themselves too thin, but what is the cause for such broken focus? Among other things, I would say it is the lack of confidence in one’s ability to carry on the dream to the very end.

There is always that point on the way where you realize that what you started is tougher than you thought it was. Again, stay strong believe in yourself.

The beginning is usually easier, excitement for the new endeavor is the order of the day but the fun keeps thinning out as you discover just how much work you need to do as you knock on seemingly double-locked doors and spend sleepless nights trying to get to the other side.

This is when the test of how sure you are of your ability to make it is taken. This test should find you armed with assurance in yourself to perform.

It is for this reason that in the very early stages where the goal is still but an imagination, you have to be confident. This imagination has to be so vivid that it leaves no room for failure.

Tips on how to cultivate confidence needed to believe in yourself.

1.    Use visuals
Seeing yourself where you want to be won’t come as automatically as you would wish. Effort should come from you to get a clear vivid image of that reality. You have to make it stick in your mind by constantly exposing yourself to images that align with the result you desire. Your mind feeds on what it keeps seeing so if there aren’t enough stimuli for the dream, confidence to carry it out will die. Vision boards are good but where you place them is equally important. If you stash them under a pile of books or other stuff you will watch your dream get stashed somewhere behind pressing issues, immediate bills, and other present needs.

2.    Say it
Proclaim that it is yours, in your secret place where you meditate make it a habit to use words as seeds for your goals to be accomplished. Words have a way of shaping destinies in an amazing way. Watch them for they indeed become your actions so to boost positive and bold action to foster your goals, keep speaking. It may be awkward at first to speak to other people about things that can’t be seen yet and it may be regarded as pride but do it anyhow. Don’t betray your dream in the name of being humble.

3.    Hang out around springs of water
People who have goals that they are going for, productive friends who will inspire you to stretch yourself, and kind-hearted individuals who will propel you forward; hang around such people that your confidence may be renewed constantly.

People with crab bucket mentality masquerading as realists aren’t good for you especially at the early ages of goal setting. You need to be watered and may not be ready for criticism though it may be constructive so where you feel virtue going out of you, make yourself scarce.

Constantly starting new ventures but never seeing them to the end kills confidence in the long run so you want to make sure that you give your all to the process from the word go. Strengthen yourself inside as you get ready for the journey to your epitome so that you may last the distance.

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