I motivate myself with spiritual ebooks.

How spiritual ebooks work as motivational self help tools

Motivational self help can be in the form of online self help; spiritual ebooks; daily journal writing; or devotional books, audible books and too many other forms to mention.

Every self help toolkit should include spiritual books- in any format. If you're feeling unmotivated, you might benefit from spiritual self help books.

Sometimes we get bogged down with the mundane day to day. We become solely focused on growing our bank accounts; families; social circles; etc. In doing so, we may forget a part of our existence that is the most important of all- our Spirit.

We neglect developing healthy habits like meditating, praying, studying, and just enhancing our relationship with God. We put no effort into our own self motivation skills, instead relying on the "success" we obtain to motivate us- or in a lot of cases discourage us.

Spiritual growth, not religion, is an important part of our individual self development.

Your beliefs about your connection to others; life and death; and how you go about reaching a higher consciousness or a spiritual awakening.

For me, all of that means is that I am no longer closed minded. I transcend the petty materialistic lusts and I love like I was created to-unconditionally.

"Spiritual e-books should inspire you to reach higher, believe more, and tap into an infinite power source within you."

It means that I treat other as I would myself and I leave the judgment to a higher power-not to be confused with being a doormat-just that it is infinitely more purposeful loving and forgiving than harboring anger and resentment.

I recognize that I do not live on an island and my life is intertwined with those around me. My life is purposeful and I matter because I am more than just an inhabitant of creation.

I am creation.

So I don't just read spiritual ebooks, books, and articles, I receive inspiration and I write them. Inspirations come from life experiences -my own trials, errors, successes, and triumphs.

The two most popular are spiritual warfare book and another negative self talk book that was even picked up for traditional publishing.

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