Powerful Positive Self Talk Affirmations

Positive Self Talk Affirmations

  • I am good enough.
  • I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.
  • The sky is the limit in my life.
  • Things are always working out for me.
  • I know that things are shifting and changing in a way that will benefit me.
  • All things are possible.
  • There is greatness inside me.
  • Everyday I am growing stronger and wiser.
  • I accept myself just as I am.
  • I love myself unconditionally.
  • I focus on my goals and I accomplish them.
  • I have the strength and vitality to remain diligent and productive.
  • My mind is clear and sharp.
  • I am emotionally mature and in control of my responses.
  • I take nurture myself physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  • I cultivate healthy relationship and establish healthy boundaries.
  • Victory and success come natural to me.
  • I have a growth mindset.
  • I take steady, consistent action toward my goals daily.
  • I give gratitude and thanks daily.
  • I appreciate the environment and do my part to care for it.

Positive Self Talk Affirmations will help you crush the negative self talk pattern of thinking and speaking.

Does the voice of your self talk sound like the examples above? Here, we can see that the stream of consciousness shown here is generally realistic and positive. The positive affirmations for negative self talk examples listed above would likely come from someone who has healthy self esteem. This person isn't likely to blow things out of proportion, dwell on the negative or have a pessimistic attitude.

If that's the kind of self talk that you hear in your own head, congratulations! You're doing pretty well for yourself. It's possible that you received lots of positive reinforcement growing up. Or perhaps you're currently surrounded by uplifting people.

As someone who's self talk comes through in a mature, emotionally controlled, optimistic and rational way, you could likely be of service to someone else who may lack the confidence that you were gifted with. Try to use your own positive self talk to influence someone else's life in a meaningful way. YOUR self talk actually shapes the voice in other people's heads, too.

What can you say to spur someone on, let them know that they have value, and that you believe in them?

Everyone has self talk. Your self talk is your own subconscious making itself known.

Only you know what your mind whispers to you as you go about your life's challenges. It's likely that other people have literally no idea what's going on in your head! Unless of course, you tell them.

So ask yourself this important question: what messages am I sending to myself in the form of my self talk? Are the messages mostly positive?

The quality of your own self talk is more important than you might think. In fact, the more successful and happy a person seems to be, the more likely they are to have developed a voice of positivity in their own mind.

If the voice of your own subconscious doesn't seem to be all that optimistic, you might ask yourself why that might be. Are you spending too much time with negative people?

Positive self talk affirmations give you the power to change the narrative.

You can work on becoming aware, and changing your self talk from negative to positive. And you can also take your cue from other people who have learned to think positively, so much so that they have made optimistic, open-minded thinking a habit which now manifests in the form of positive self talk.

Everyone experiences both positive and negative self talk. The perspective shifts from optimistic to pessimistic and back again depending on a variety of factors. These could be mood, how relaxed or stressed you may feel at any given time, whether you're hungry, tired, emotionally tweaked, or something else.

If you just want to read positive affirmations for negative self talk click here. To learn more about negative self talk, keep reading.

Examples for negative self talk.

Here are some examples of negative self talk. Do some of the statements made below sound like what happens inside of your own head?

Negative self talk about relationships looks something like this:

“He'd never go out with me...”
“My husband won't be interested in hearing this story of mine...”
"She never likes anything I buy for her birthday…"

Negative self talk about your self image might sound like...

“I'm boring! No one would want to hear about my day.”
“I'm always messing things up.”
“I'll never be happy/successful/accomplished…”
“I'm destined to live a mediocre life.”

Negative self talk about your weight can look like this...

“Why bother trying to get in shape? I'll always be fat.”
“I know this outfit is going to look terrible on me.”
“I'm not good looking enough to (wear that dress, sing karaoke, date that person, etc.)"

Negative self talk about making mistakes can look like...

“Oh, of course I screwed up again!”
“I can't be relied upon, I always mess things up.”
“I'm always (late, forgetting things, fill in the blank)”
“I'm such a hot mess, no wonder I can't get anything right!”

Negative self talk around your career might be...

“Not going to try for that promotion... they'll never pick me anyway!”
“Why bother going back to school? I'll probably fail out.”
“Better just stick to the status quo... if I perform they might give me more responsibility. I can't handle that!”
“Someone else always gets the raise... I just get passed over.”

Negative self talk about your finances might sound like...

“No use trying to start a savings account. We'll always be poor!”
“I just live paycheck to paycheck. It's all I can do!”
“Owning a home just isn't in the cards for us.”

You can beat negative self talk, with the help of positive self talk affirmations. Find out more by reading this companion article, "Affirmations for Negative Self-talk".

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