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Why Are Affirmations So Powerful?

The Collins English Dictionary defines affirmation as: “A statement of the truth of something; assertion.”

Affirmations are a powerful ingredient in positive thinking. They are not statements that you wish to be true; they are statements that you must believe are true.

Affirmations are positive statements describing a desired condition in your life. That condition may not yet exist, but the affirmation is spoken as though it does.

A simple example might be: “I am at peace with my life.”

This is repeated several times on a daily basis, out loud or mentally, the aim being to program the subconscious mind into producing the desired outcome. They must be sincerely felt, and spoken in the present tense with conviction and enthusiasm.

We carry out such mental programming every day whether we know it or not; the trick is to make this programming conscious and positive. The alternative is to be unaware that we are issuing negative affirmations to ourselves. If you have ever made a mistake and muttered “I am such an idiot”, you have given yourself a negative affirmation.

The problem is that any negative affirmation you give enters your subconscious mind and has a harmful effect – it creates your reality.

Positive thinking as a popular psychology can be traced back to 1937, with Napoleon Hill’s bestselling Think and Grow Rich. This book remains important today, although there have been countless similar guides written in the years since on the subject of positive thinking for personal success.

How To Create Your Own List Of Positive Affirmations PDF List

When you approach the affirmations process, you must make certain that you do so with a positive frame of mind. Making successful affirmations is far more than speaking a few words in a set order.

You may speak ten different affirmations each morning and evening, but if you don’t really believe that the whole affirmation process can work, you will most likely follow each one with a negative thought or comment that screws up all your good work.

Example list of positive affirmations pdf:

You affirm: “I am a happy and successful person.”
You think: Yeah, buddy, in your dreams.
You affirm: “I am a wealthy individual.”
You think: Sure, once I win the lottery.
You affirm: “My mind is at peace with the world.”
You think: When I’m half-cut perhaps.

You get the idea. Making positive affirmations is not enough. You must believe them to be true to the exclusion of any and all counterproductive thoughts or feelings. Cynicism is a sure fire way to negate positive affirmations.

Remember to add the following human factors to your affirmations recipe.

  1. Stay positive (Use positive emotion to fuel your affirmation)
  2. Add Visualization (Use your imagination)
  3. Repeat Often (Say your affirmations again and again)

The Final Three Important Things To Remember: Without these elements your affirmations will be ineffective. You can read your list of positive affirmations until the cows come home, but if you don't add emotion, visualization and consistency, it will be in vain. You can do this!

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