Journal Prompts For Emotional Healing

25 Journal Prompts For Emotional Healing, Self-Care, and Self-Love

1. What did you accomplish today?
2. How can you be kinder to yourself today?
3. What is a compliment you received that you have never forgotten?
4. What are 5 things you love about your body?
5. Why are you grateful for your life right now?
6. Is there something that happened this week you are proud of?
7. What do you forgive yourself for?
8. Who in your life makes you feel good about yourself?
9. Why do you deserve love and affection?
10. Describe a skill or talent you possess.
11. List 3 things you have overcome.
12. What are your 3 greatest accomplishments?
13. List 5 traits you love about yourself.

Nos. 14-25 Journal Prompts For Emotional Healing

14. What makes you feel strong?
15. Give yourself a genuine compliment today.
16. Write a love letter to yourself.
17. What can you do for yourself today?
18. What does self-love mean to you?
19. How can you take more time for yourself?
20. List 10 reasons you should make yourself a priority.
21. List 3 things you don’t love about yourself, and find ways you can appreciate and nurture them.
22. How would your best friend describe you?
23. What does unconditional love mean to you?
24. You deserve to love yourself. List all the reasons why.
25. List 5 goals you have had and completed.

Use Your Journal to Find Clarity

If you have been struggling to find more clarity in your life, and find your direction, then journaling can be your new best friend. Writing in a journal on its own really helps you to learn more about yourself, but you can go one step further with these easy methods. This will allow you to really take full advantage of having a daily journal.

Create A List Journal

An alternative to using journal prompts for emotional healing, is creating a list journal. There are lots of different types of list journals out there, but one place to start will be for you to take an accounting of things you want for your life. If you take the time to write down your goals and/r dreams, then it’ll be an easy task to follow up by learning what steps need to be taken to turn these dreams into a reality. These kinds of lists can be serious work-related topics or just fun things that you've been thinking about for a long time.

That kind of a list is usually called a bucket list, and it can give you some really interesting things to look forward to trying out. Another thing you can do is to list the amount of accomplishments that you’ve achieved in the last year, quarter, or month.

This can help you to gain a sense of how many things you’ve done. That’ll give you a clearer picture of how you’ve actually been spending your time, and show you that you have things that you can be happy about.

Journals Help Chronical Your Emotions

Try daily journal writing in conjunction with journal prompts for emotional healing. It’s pretty enlightening to look back into the past to see what kinds of emotions you were experiencing during life events. The written word on the page is impartial and honest because it comes from the moment when those things were being experienced instead of a foggy recall from memory.

When people are young, lots of things that happen seem like massive events, but as people mature, they will often avoid assigning weight to things that they know to be frivolous, or fleeting.

This increases the amount of perspective that you have from your day to day life as well. It shows you how quickly the people, places and things can seem like the most important thing in the world one day, and then a few years later seem to have passed like a snap of your fingers. 

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