Is Your Intuition Always Right?

Is Your Intuition Always Right?

The answer is not yes or no. There are people who have deep faith in their intuition. Intuition should certainly not be ignored, in fact it can be a very good thing and actually help us protect ourselves from danger. The important thing to remember is that intuition is only as good as the knowledge and experience we have of life.

We may think something bad will happen based on a past experience and avoid a situation. It is possible, however, that the bad thing will not happen again and that we end up passing up something positive.

Sometimes we all have gut feelings regarding a situation. It might be a bad feeling about someone who you have just met or about a set of circumstances that has arisen. These feelings are intuitive and can often have people thinking they can predict an outcome.

According to Psychology Today, intuition is a thought process that takes place in the unconscious mind. This rapid analysis is based on our personal knowledge and experience and often results in a snap opinion regarding a situation.

We are not aware of this thought process until we get a sudden feeling of excitement or foreboding regarding something that we are facing.

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Examples of Decisions That Should Involve Your Intuition

Sometimes, it can be difficult to make decisions in your life, and occasionally, you will have to rely on a gut feeling you may have, often called intuition. Whether or not your currently rely on your intuition to make decisions, there are a few cases in life where you absolutely have to use your intuition to decide. This is because if you don’t use your intuition in the following 5 decisions, you’ll likely end up making the wrong choice.

1.    When It Comes To Decisions About A Persons Character

If you’ve ever worked in a profession where you are required to make hiring decisions, then you know how much this is true. There is only so much you can learn from someone on paper, and when it comes to deciding whether or not to hire them, you will have to rely on your intuition to come to a conclusion, as you may not have consciously noticed enough information to decide consciously. And this doesn’t just apply in professional settings, as you should use your intuition when you decide whether or not to trust people in your everyday life as well.

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2.    When It’s Time For A Relationship Decision

When you are in a romantic relationship with someone, you are often so in love with them in the beginning that any logic you may have in your mind might go out the window the minute you think of them.

This is why you must absolutely rely on your intuition when it comes to relationship decisions. Did your significant other ask you to move in? But it just doesn’t feel right? This is definitely your intuition talking.

Is Your Intuition Always Right Quotes

“Mind compares, but you should discriminate! Intuition is the mother of reasoning, the reasoning gives you answers, and Intuition gives you truth”
-Soman Gouda

Intuition has always been my greatest gift. It has provided me with many ideas for my creative work and saved me from a lot of trouble. It’s just that when I feel stressed and desperate, I forget this gift.”  -Yong Kang Chan

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3.    While You Are Making A Decision In Your Area Of Expertise

Whatever your area of expertise may be, when you are faced with a decision that you’ve been faced with before, you should let your intuition decide. This is because your intuition can often draw from much more information than you consciously have access to. This way your past choices can help you as you make choices in the present.

4.    Decisions That Arise When You Are Stressed

Just like when you are in a relationship, when you are stressed, you are in no position to make a logical decision. So next time you find yourself having to make a decision while under some extreme pressure, this is when you should take a deep breath, step back, and let the intuition  take over.

5.    When You Have To Make A Decision About Your Health

You should always use your intuition when it comes to health decisions. This would include when you decide to see a doctor as well as the treatments you decide to pursue. This is because although the doctor may have an answer for you, this may not be the right choice for your body.

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For example, maybe you are having a pain in your side, and the doctor says it’s nothing. If you feel that your intuition is telling you that it is not nothing, then you need to listen to it and seek a second opinion! Listening to your body helps you to keep it healthy, as signals indicate that your lifestyle may not be ideal for your physical or even mental health.

It can be extremely difficult to know when you should and shouldn’t listen to intuition as you make decisions in your everyday life. But any time you make a decision which involves other people, your relationship, your area of expertise, or your health, you should always rely on your intuition because it probably knows more than you. And don’t forget that if you are ever faced with a decision while you are stressed, that it’s probably better to step aside and let your intuition decide.

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