Do I Have Low Self Esteem?

I Have Low Self Esteem. 5 Signs You're Dealing With Low Self-Esteem

You’ve always put yourself down as the shy one, but did you know that it’s possible you’re actually suffering from low self-esteem?

This isn’t something that you just have to keep coping with – there are many steps you can take in order to build your confidence and start to feel like you actually have quite high self-confidence!

The first step is to identify the signs that you’re suffering from this – here are some of the main signs that you might be missing.

I Have Low Self Esteem Sign # 1   You think everything is your fault

Okay, maybe not everything, but if you feel like a lot of things in life are all your fault, this is one of the big signs you have low self-esteem. Not everything is your fault, and especially when you’re trying your best not to make mistakes, it’s probably the case that hardly anything is really your fault. Next time you think something is your fault, stop and ask yourself whether it really is.

I Have Low Self Esteem Sign #2 You think everything is because of good luck

You don’t ever think the good things in life are because you have tried hard and succeeded – instead, you believe everything is down to good luck and you just so happy to be lucky. However, this is probably not the case at all. You have worked hard to achieve certain things in life, so don’t take this away from yourself.

I Have Low Self Esteem Sign # 3 You hang around with people you don’t really like

This is definitely one of the more difficult signs to spot, but if you find yourself spending time with people you don’t like, ask yourself why you do this. Many people with low self-esteem spend time with people they don’t really like simply because they don’t think anybody else will want to spend any time with them.

I Have Low Self Esteem Sign # 4 You check your phone all the time

Do you check your phone all the time just to avoid having to talk to people? Do you sit in the canteen eating lunch and scrolling down your news feed just so you don’t have to endure an awkward silence with the person across the table? If that sounds like you, think about whether this is because of poor self-esteem or because you really don’t want to talk to them.

I Have Low Self Esteem Sign # 5 You struggle to find good things about yourself

Try and make a list of all the good things about yourself – not necessarily the good things that you think but also the good things that other people think about you. Ask your family and close friends to help you and explain to them why you’re doing it.

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