How To Trust Your Intuition

Practicing the following steps when learning how to trust your intuition will bring you back to a time when you trusted yourself more often and knew that sometimes, it is what you feel inside your gut, that is the right answer:

  1. Pull back. Slow Down. Slow your roll! Moving too fast will definitely sabotage your ability to follow your intuition.
  2. Adjust your eating habits. Drink plenty of water and eat less processed foods and sugars.
  3. Learn to take queues from your body aka follow your gut. That sinking feeling could be your intuition trying to guide you.
  4. Practice slow deep breathing. Inhale to the count of 4 and exhale to the count of 8.
  5. Practice self care. Incorporate self-care routine that involves making yourself a priority.

When we are children, our elders (parents, coaches, teachers, etc.) repeatedly ask us, “What does your gut tell you?” In the innocence of childhood, we recognize early on that often, our intuition is trying to tell us something.

However, as we grow older, that daily reminder starts to fade away. As an adult we consistently stay on the beaten path rather than go against the grain of society.

Emotion often outwits intelligence, while intuition renders life surprisingly fluent and enjoyable. -Erik Pevernagie

Children are very wise intuitively; they know who loves them most, and who only pretends. -VC Andrews

The 4 Best Ways To Get Tuned In and Learn How To Trust Your Intuition To Guide

How to trust your intuition Tip #1 Pull back. Slow Down. -- Both physically and psychologically, you lose focus when you push too hard. Slowing down, for just 15 minutes every few hours makes you more rested and ready to continue with your day more rationally. Psychologist K. Anders Ericsson of The Florida State University conducted a study on ‘burn out’ in working adults.

Ericsson concluded that most people could engage in deliberate practice—pushing oneself beyond current limits—for only an hour without rest. “Unless the daily levels of practice are restricted, such that subsequent rest and nighttime sleep allow the individuals to restore their equilibrium,” Ericsson concluded.

To rest does not necessarily mean to sleep. Instead of reading that report, go outside with a cold tea and breath in the fresh air. Allow the brain to process all the data it is receiving so your intuition can work at its best.

How to trust your intuition Tip #2 Know That Your Intuition Will Notify You – While intuition is a feeling of sorts, it is present to guide you to better choices. For example, you are dining at a restaurant. You overhear a couple at the next table begin to argue. Your ears and eyes will immediately alert your brain. The brain begins sorting through multiple scenarios looking for an answer.

This is where your intuition might come in to play. Your stomach might begin to feel tight physically. Your intuition is trying to tell you that this situation is best to keep out.

While your brain may be saying, “Let’s go tell that couple off!” Taking those few seconds to recognize the better answer will often keep your day running smoothly.

How to trust your intuition Tip #3 See Yourself As Top Priority – Instead of asking yourself what you want, ask yourself what you need. You need to remain focused and levelheaded. The best practice is considering those feelings.

Make sure you are drinking enough water and maintaining a healthy diet. This can be as simple as a salad and a bottle of water. By eating smaller meals throughout the day, maintains your energy and keeps your mind functioning at top speed.

In fact, a study conducted by Kansas State University concluded, “Recent data shows that with adults ages 20 years and over, 34.2 percent overweight, 33.8 percent are obese, and 5.7 percent are extremely obese.

Poor eating habits and lack of physical activity are the major contributing factors to overweight and obesity in the U.S.” Professionals suggest taking a 15-minute break every few hours to stretch and nourish your body. When your feeling good, this gives your intuition a chance to perform at its peak.

How to trust your intuition Tip #4 Practice Practice Practice – Most goals take practice. Being in-tune with your intuition also takes practice. The next time your co-worker seems a bit too demanding, listen for your cues.

As the great Albert Einstein once quoted:

“I believe in intuitions and inspirations...I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not KNOW that I am.”

Though the mind says one thing, this might be the time to shed some positivity. Instead of reacting with emotions, try making a suggestive statement. “I understand the need to get this project done. If you have any suggestions, I would be glad to hear them.” This puts the ball back in their court and acknowledges their feelings without compromising yours.

To conclude – Intuition is your ally and is there to guide you to smoother waters. When you learn how to trust your intuition, you will see that your life flows better and things begin to work out for your betterment.

Taking care of yourself allows you to take care of the people around you more comfortably.


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