How To Break Procrastination Cycle Get Motivated and Stay Motivated

10 Tips On How To Break Procrastination Cycle: Managing Your Time and To Do List Is Key

How to break procrastination cycle:

  1. Utilize a day planner
  2. Create a to do list the night before
  3. Commit to doing the tasks on your to do list
  4. Review your to do list mid day
  5. Delegate any to do list items that you can
  6. Transfer remainder of to do list items to the following day
  7. Avoid idle chatting that distracts you from your to do list goals
  8. Limit distractions
  9. Turn off notifications, ringers, messaging temporarily
  10. Say no to overworking yourself or taking on extra tasks as favors

Learning How To Break Procrastination Cycle With Time Management Strategies

1   Get a day planner and use it faithfully. No more sticky notes with reminders and appointments scattered around your desk, car and refrigerator at home. Keep all appointments and reminder in just one place, your day planner.

2.    Create a daily “to do” list. If you do this on your computer, you can easily move around items as you prioritize the day. If on paper, you can code the items with numbers or letters for: Urgent, Need to Do Today, Can Do This Week.

3.    Read your To-Do list first thing in the morning. Don’t touch newspaper, open email or answer the phone until you see the road map for your day.

4.    Review your To-Do list at mid-day and end of day to see what was accomplished and what remains to be completed.

5.    At the end of the day, transfer the items remaining to tomorrow’s or Monday’s list. If possible, remove any items that are not significant.

How to break procrastination cycle Article, June 2nd

6.   Delegate as much as possible to an assistant, colleague or associate. If you work independently, consider hiring a Virtual Assistant for a few hours per week. The price is right and there’s no obligation as with hiring an employee. This is particularly effective if you travel or spend much time outside the office.

7.    Attend only the meetings that are absolutely necessary to do your job. Avoid any meetings that you can. Unless a meeting is run well with an agenda, there is usually wasted time chatting.

8.    Close your door when you are focusing on a task or put up a sign on your cubicle asking people to stop by later when you are finished with this work.

9.    Let voice mail answer your phone while you are focusing on an important task.

10.    Say “no” as often as possible when you have reached your work limits. That means saying no to overtime or taking work home. When you are mentally or physically exhausted you don’t do your best work and you need to say so.

How To Break Procrastination Cycle or Time Management seminars alone won't solve your issue. Neither will a book or class.You have to implement what you learn and after you do learning how to break procrastination cycle is a process that must be engaged every day to be effective. Some of the most frustrated, disorganized people in any office are the ones with the most time management books on their shelves.

It’s not that these books were ineffective. Rather in their frantic workday, these people “didn’t have time” to read the time management books! In the interest of keeping it simple, these tips could set you on the way to getting serious about time management as you see the value unfold:

It’s easy to stay on track with time management once you commit to changing your daily habits. Just put the above tips into action and you should see more free time throughout your day.

Whatever your dream, you can begin to align your time toward achieving that dream. It may mean that you work overtime to save money or take a second job for a year.

Or you may have to extend the time to reach your dream to accrue enough vacation time to make the time off possible. It’s all about planning your time as well as your money.

Time management is so often thought of as a way to do more work in a given day. It’s also your ally in arranging your life and work so that you can fulfill your dreams. If only you could see this positive aspect of time management, then you might stop looking at it as if it’s another burden.

Hours tick by whether or not you plan them. Hours become days to months and years while many people only talk about the dreams that they “don’t have time” to enjoy.

 If you wait for extra time to magically appear in your life, you’ll wait forever and nothing changes. By using time management to support your dreams, then every day you get closer to what really matters to you.

Look at the calendar three to five years from today. Make the time you would like to leave for your extended vacation or the semester you want to enroll in college.

Then count backwards for the number of days (months). As you divide that time into blocks of smaller preparation tasks, you begin to prepare to make the dream possible.

Even while waiting, you have the satisfaction of doing something regularly, investing time in planning and taking action toward your goals.

When you identify what really matters in the big picture, then you find it easier to use time wisely today to set up your future goal

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