How do I motivate myself to stay positive when I struggle with negative thoughts.

If you're asking yourself, "How do I motivate myself to stay positive when my thoughts are so negative?" then this article is for you.

Self talk plays an integral role in how you feel and perceive yourself. Many people tend to be influenced by other people’s perception about them but it is actually self perception that is more important. If you perceive yourself in a certain way, then you would tend to believe in that.

How do I motivate myself with Self Talk

Else, anyone would be able to influence how you feel, what you think about yourself and your decisions, actions or eventual successes and failures would also be considerably facilitated by others.

Self talk is quintessential for confidence and self esteem. But there are two types of self talk – positive and negative.

As the nomenclature goes, positive self talk is desirable and negative self talk should be avoided. Practicing self talk can have serious consequences in anyone’s life and doing it is not very hard either.

how do I motivate myself to think positive?

Positive self talk can help you to think better of yourself, have more confidence in your abilities, develop strong self esteem and your personal, professional and social lives would get a fillip. Here’s how you can practice positive self talk.

How do I motivate myself?

Positive self talk is optimistic in nature. So whenever you look at anything, think of anything or do something, you should have an optimistic approach. In other words, your self-talk should be optimistic. Presume a situation wherein you are getting dressed for a party or for an important meeting.

Now, you would be a tad nervous about the attendees at the meeting or you may be concerned about how you would look at the party and if people would be impressed by your presence.

You can instill positive self talk by telling yourself that you are looking good for the party and that the dress suits you.

For the meeting, you should tell yourself that you are looking presentable, that you have worked hard for the meeting and that everything will go according to plan. Positive self talk is not an alternative to reality checks. It is just a boost that anyone would need.

To practice self talk, you should consistently watch what you are saying, ponder over what you are thinking and keep a check on your beliefs. What you think has a great deal of influence on what you do. What you say will affect yourself and others. So it is important for you to keep a check on all these. Else, these would make your positive self talk futile.

You need to focus on negative self talk and consciously avoid them for positive self talk to be of optimum effect.

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