Having low self esteem can, unfortunately cause bad health unless you take precautions

Having low self esteem can cause a lot of problems - both emotionally and physically - when left untreated. Here are some ways that it can threaten your health and what you can do to avoid them.

The Various Ways Having Low Self Esteem Can Threaten Your Health

  • Depression - Depression is the first thing that happens when a person having low self esteem begins to feel worthless, which isolates them from their friends and family. Isolation only encourages them to think negative thoughts about themselves, which causes depression to go deeper. In severe cases, some resort to suicide.
  • Anxiety - Low self-esteem causes a person to have little confidence in themselves, which can cause fear and panic attacks when they’re faced with a situation they don’t want to be in.
  • Stress - Stress is a part of everyone’s lives, but it can seem enhanced for someone who’s suffering from low self-esteem. They’re not likely to take the steps necessary to avoid some of their stress, which causes their anxiety to build.
  • Weight Gain – People often try to fill the void of self-esteem with food. They ultimately start gaining weight to the point of being obese. Gaining too much weight causes heart problems, diabetes, and a host of other illnesses.
  • Weight Loss - While some people gain weight, others tend to binge when having low self esteem, or even purge their food or starve themselves, thinking they will gain a more satisfying appearance. Unfortunately, they never reach a level where they are satisfied with their look and they become extremely sick, often to the point of no return without professional help. 
  • Addictions - Some end up being addicted to street drugs or prescription drugs. They get high on these drugs and live that moment in time in a different world where they have no cares and no problems. Unfortunately they can end up brain damaged or dead if the addiction isn’t dealt with early on.
  • Alcohol abuse- Some turn to alcohol to try to forget their problems and feel better about themselves. They substitute alcohol as their friend because it provides them with the confidence they yearn for, but haven’t developed.

It makes them feel almost invincible and they do things they wouldn’t normally have the guts to do. Alcohol becomes an addiction and then over time, the abuse of it can cause liver problems, heart disease and contribute to the development of cancer.

These are only a few of the things that having low self esteem can cause. It’s important that the person with little or no self-esteem gets some help in building their confidence back up. If left untreated for too long, these health problems (and even more serious ones) can occur.

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