For Growth Mindset
Self-Care Must Be Prioritized Above All Else

As part of your growth mindset self-care must be a top priority in order to have true success.

Some Important Points To Remember When It Comes To Self Care

  • Self Care Is Not Selfish
  • You Always Win With Self Care
  • Self Care Improves Perspective
  • Social Media Can Negatively Impact Self Care
  • Accept Help From Others
  • Negative People Will Rob You of Your Ability Put Your Needs First.
  • Growth Mindset Requires You To Take Care Of Yourself

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Developing a Growth Mindset for Self-Care

Self-care is vital to healthy living on many levels. It helps us to become the optimum
version of ourselves. Our actions and attitudes are core components of self-care, and having the right mental outlook is a key to regulating wellness. When developing a positive growth mindset self-care requires commitment and work. The rewards are well worth the effort.

Realize that there Self-Care is Not Selfishness

Many individuals today have been conditioned to believe that putting themselves first is selfish. Perhaps you have heard the term "buyer's remorse." This happens when someone experiences guilt after making a purchase for themselves. It is a sad reality that some people have buyer's remorse when it comes to investing in their own self-care.

When you see the genuine, you don't deal with the fakes anymore.

-Nima Davani

You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy. So let them go...


In your thinking about growth mindset self-care has to be seen as a right. It is your right to take care of you.

You always WIN with self care. You are worthy of the time and effort it takes to create fulfillment. You have the right to be mentally and physically well. No one is entitled to diminish your need for self-care.

Furthermore, personal wellness is a responsibility. A good mindset means accepting
responsibility for the path of your life. It is all too common today for people to lay blame when it comes to their own challenges. Taking responsibility empowers you. There is great comfort that comes from knowing you are in control.

Create a New Mental Narrative

We spend our whole lives telling ourselves a mental story. That story frames how we
perceive the world and our reactions to life's twists and turns. Close your eyes for just a second and listen to the story your mind is telling. Is it filled with empowering phrases and images, or is it polluted by a negative outlook?

You must learn how to rewrite the mental script that is often on auto play. A great way to do this can be to simply slow the endless procession of thoughts and noise. Meditation is a great way to quiet the mind and refocus on positive thoughts.

This, too, takes effort, but in time the flow and substance of your own mental narrative can change for the better.

Stop Consuming Mental Junk Food

We live in the era of social media. These platforms can be useful for communicating with distant friends and relatives or even finding a story to lift your spirits.

Unfortunately, they can also be toxic. There is far too much junk food for the brain on social media.

Your brain is a body organ that requires sustenance and nutrition just like your heart or lungs. It needs to be fed the good stuff.

That hour you spend perusing a news feed that is filled with controversy, self-pitying posts, and mind-numbing videos would be better spent doing yoga or reading a book on the subject of wellness.

Allow yourself to detach from social media and observe the results.

The mind can sometimes be unruly and must be disciplined. It must also be exercised just like the body is conditioned. In the beginning the work will be hard, but with each passing day you'll find that your growth mindset self-care is actually working on your behalf to promote self love.

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Even if you are busy, do the growth mindset work
Self-care on a busy schedule

A stressed out mind can be a breeding ground for unhealthy thinking and a tipping point for an unhealthy body. Isn’t that something serious to consider?

It should make every person more eager to seek out different outlets to deal with stress and negative feelings. How have you found ways to cope with jarring and unpleasant events in life?

You might have heard some things, but you’re are busy person with a packed schedule. Fortunately, this article can give you a few ideas on how to practice self-care with a busy schedule.

"as part of your growth mindset self-care must be a top priority"

Try A Lunch Break

If you’re self-employed, you might have gotten used to working straight through your day. Sometimes desperate times call for some intense methods, but cutting yourself off from nourishment, even just for a few hours can have devastating effects on your health. If you're trying to work according to a growth mindset self-care in some form must be incorporated.

Take a real break during lunch so that you can eat and digest your food
properly. If you have a safe pot to close your eyes, you can even set an alarm so that you can lie back and take a power nap for a few minutes.

Learn to Accept Help

If you’re used to being in control of everything all of the time, it can be extremely tiring, and If you’re a person who is interested in becoming a better leader, than it’s essential that you learn to delegate a few things, This helps get a few pieces of the puzzle out from in front of you so that you can attend to other more important tasks.

It’s necessary to allow people to help you with those things even when they aren’t exactly the help you were looking for. It’s better to focus on the more important things.

Take Time to Breathe

Deep breathing is responsible for a large portion of your heart health. If you become a habitual shallow breather, then you can give yourself panic attacks.

This is because quick breathing sends signals to the brain that the body is in danger.

This perpetual fight or flight response takes a toll on the body over time, and can even shorten your lifespan, so it’s important to keep track of how often, and how deeply you breathe.

I believe the world is one big family, and we need to help each other. -Jet Li

Avoid Negative People

his one is simple, avoid negative people. They can put bad thoughts in your mind that make you second guess yourself and cause problems with your confidence. Nothing is really worse than that.

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