Getting overwhelmed and shutting down is not unusual when you're stressed.

But instead of getting overwhelmed and shutting down, try these stress management tips to help you stay calm.

When you feel like yourself getting overwhelmed and shutting down, do things to trigger a more optimistic outlook and a more high- vibing response.

Counter the negative with positive and then some more positive. Imagine a very hard day at work. Nothing has gone right for you. Customers are angry. you are disappointed, your boss is frustrated and things seem to be going downhill.

These events alone can trigger overwhelm. Instead of indulging in overwhelmingly negative thoughts and going further downhill, you should have a positive handy. Remind yourself of a recent success story.

Recall how you handled a similar crisis or some other problems and managed to steer through. Whenever you have such a positive to counter a negative, you would always succeed in trumping negative overwhelming emotions with positive self talk.

Give yourself a break. It may take some practice to deprogram yourself if you're default response has been getting overwhelmed and shutting down in the past.

Another idea is to connect with positive people who will trigger you to think more calmly and rationally. Those who are consistently running you down, gunning for your head and are not adding any value to your life or work, are not desirable people. You should actually avoid them at all times.

At the point where you find yourself getting Overwhelmed and shutting down, you should consider taking a leap of faith. The future cannot be foretold.

You will not have control over what happens and that lack of control should not trigger negative self talk. Instead, encourage positive thinking and wait for things to turn bad before you anticipate them being bad at the outset.

Positive self talk should never require you to take your eyes off reality. Accept what is there, confront real problems and understand that things aren’t perfect, they don’t have to be.

You can easily trigger positive self talk at any point in time if you are willing to look at the brighter side. Every negative has a positive, just as darkness coexists with light.

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