Earn money online affiliate marketing  and creating your own products

Part III: Earning Money Online Working From Home (Steps 5-7)

 ...Earn money online affiliate marketing and creating your own products...

Step 5: Know How to Earn as an Affiliate

One of the first business models you should educate yourself on, if you want to earn honest money online, is affiliate marketing. Even if you know you’ll be a vendor selling your own info products, there will be many times when your subscribers come to you asking for your recommendation for something you don’t sell.

It might be another info product or it could be something tangible. So being able to add on to your income using affiliate commission benefits both yourself and your subscriber, who trusts your opinion.

Affiliate marketing can be lucrative, without having to do as much work like a launch requires. You also may find that in order to secure a good affiliate to promote you, they want you to consider promoting them, too.

While you should never lower your standards and promote anyone in exchange for a promotion, it will serve you well to be able to review their product honestly and add more to your revenue.

If you decide to pursue affiliate marketing as one of your primary business models, then you’ll want to learn more about the business, such as how to find the best products that will serve your audience well.

Once you find them, you’ll need to learn how to properly research and write solid reviews that convert well. If it’s a tangible product, that review will be more about specs and usage than if it’s a digital product.

With a digital info product, you’ll hopefully be able to secure a review copy before a launch so that you can adequately go through and implement the course and see what the results will be.

...To earn honest money online you can create an affiliate product of your own, promote someone else's info product or both...

Being an affiliate for info products, you might be able to get perks for your agreement to promote someone else’s products. Likewise, as a vendor, you can give affiliates these same perks.

Those might include a bump in commission, advanced promo by a couple of hours, if not days, a built in bonus created by the vendor for you to use, or a spot on their download page for an advertisement to your own lead magnet page or product.

If you want to maximize your affiliate promo, make sure you take time to create a bonus of your own for your subscribers. With info products, the competition is fierce – especially if there are any prize amounts for the leaderboard.

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Step 6: Create Your Own Info Product

...Earn money online affiliate marketing or creating your own products...

When the time comes for you to share your knowledge with an audience, you’ll want to create an info product of your own. This might be a simple report or a fully interactive membership.

Start by getting an idea of what solutions you feel are missing or could be improved upon in the marketplace. Maybe you know how to do things a bit differently, or your teaching style is better than what’s out there.

Don’t be afraid of competition. It’s an indicator that the marketplace is thriving for your niche topic. Start by brainstorming your ideas for a single or a line of info products, beginning with an initial one.

Outline the sub-topics within that main topic that you want to cover. For example, if you were to create a course about losing weight, you might cover things like meal prepping, shopping for nutritional foods, counting calories or carbs, and so on.

If you’re creating an eBook as your info product, don’t get hung up on how many pages it should be. That’s not important. What’s important is how thoroughly you cover the topic so that the customer walks away feeling satisfied.

Think about whether you want to create a written or video product. Some people do both, while others choose one or the other. An eBook will take less effort to put together than a membership site with videos.

You want to think about what your audience wants – not just what you feel comfortable creating. Look at the competition to see what’s out there and consider putting as many media formats together as possible, including the possibility of an audiobook.

You might not even want to release an info product, but instead, a different kind of digital product, such as a tool. Tools, like software programs that can automate blog posts or help with videos, for example, are in great demand.

Think about the branding you’re going to be using to represent your info product online. That includes making a graphic for the info product, as well as all of the graphics and formatting for the sales page or membership area.

If you want to tap into a niche as a vendor, but you don’t yet feel confident creating your own product to sell, then consider investing in some private label rights. This allows you to purchase and use the content as if you had created it.

You can buy full, ready-to-use eBooks that you can turn into a PDF download for sale. Or, you can take the content and turn it into a video course. They even have readymade PLR video courses you can turn around, put your name on, and sell.

"You can earn money online affiliate marketing or creating your own products or both."

Step 7: Improve Your Conversions Over Time

 ...Earn money online affiliate marketing by improving your conversion rates...

Whether you’re promoting others or positioning your own products in the marketplace for sale, you want to always be looking for ways to improve your conversions with consumers.

Initially, you might think you’re starting off pretty good. But if you take time to invest in the study of good sales copy, you’ll quickly find there are many ways you can level up with it.

For example, as an affiliate, you might find that merely mentioning a product in an email to subscribers converts fine. But then you learn about bridge pages, and after testing that out, discover that it helps boost conversions and commissions by an impressive percentage.

As a vendor, you can learn what your competitors are doing to convert well just by spying on their copy. Emulate strategies, but never swipe their wording verbatim, due to ethics.

Begin tweaking your copy over time by split testing it to pit one element against another until it’s primed for the ultimate conversions. For example, you can split test a text sales letter against a video sales page.

You can split test the text to see which headlines work better, which storyline has a bigger impact, even which buttons and bulletpoint styles your consumers respond better to – whether it’s shape, size or color patterns.

You also might want to learn how to strategically pre-sell as both an affiliate and a vendor. Pre-selling, or teasing the customer about an upcoming launch, is a great way to generate interest and bait the hook, so to speak.

The lead up can be very compelling to the degree that your customer is sitting on the edge of their seat, waiting for that link telling them the product has finally gone live. It’s all in how you word it and how you position the launch.

 ...7 steps to earn money online affiliate marketing from home...

  1. Get Your Mindset Straight
  2. Start Networking the Right Way
  3. Pick the Right Niche
  4. Master Traffic and List Building Concepts
  5. Know How to Earn as an Affiliate
  6. Create Your Own Info Product
  7. Improve Your Conversions Over Time

This seven steps to earn money online affiliate marketing and creating your own products.

This online success formula is just the tip of the iceberg, but it’s the basic foundation you’ll need to get started and thrive against the competition in your niche.

This is an industry where anyone can succeed, but they have to be willing to put in the work when it comes to educating themselves about how to do better and be better for their customers and affiliates.

Don’t feel like you have to learn all of this in one sitting, or one day. This is something where you gain bits and pieces of knowledge over time.

Just make sure you implement the strategies to see whether or not it could help you bring your income goals to fruition. Action taking is the one step most would-be entrepreneurs never take.

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