Earn Honest Money Online. Following 7 Steps.

Part II Of How To Earn Money Online From Home (Steps 3-5)

 ...7 steps to earn honest money online from home...

  1. Get Your Mindset Straight
  2. Start Networking the Right Way
  3. Pick the Right Niche
  4. Master Traffic and List Building Concepts
  5. Know How to Earn as an Affiliate
  6. Create Your Own Info Product
  7. Improve Your Conversions Over Time

Step 3: Pick the Right Niche

In the previous article we discussed Mindset and networking. They are only two of the seven things you need to work on. Picking the right niche, to earn honest money online, isn’t as easy as it sounds. Most people buy a course, watch what the teacher shows as an example, and just copies it – a very ineffective method of choosing a niche.

First you want to brainstorm a list of potential topics you’d enjoy tapping into – either as an affiliate or a vendor (or both). List your hobbies, things you’ve always wanted to learn, and things you’re good at.

Take a look at niches you may not have even considered by looking at what books are selling, what products are hot and what magazines, forums and others are chatting about.

You might even hear something a friend mentions, and realize it has good niche potential. Once you pick a niche, think of the perfect slant for you to pursue. For example, it might be based on a demographic, like anti-aging for women over 50.

Or, it could be a combination of slants, like dieting and anti-aging. Whatever topics you feel mesh together well, make sure they bring good profit potential to the table before you get started with it.

You want a niche that is easy to convert. Usually, this means it has certain pain points. Those can be urgency for a solution, curiosity, desire and more. Tapping into these pain points will help you earn honest money online. Make sure the niche has digital and/or tangible products to promote.

Certain niches, like toys, are tangible only. Parents aren’t really buying toy guides, although they do enjoy reading them for advice on what to buy. But take a niche like survival, and now you have dual profit potential.

People will not only be buying gear for survival, such as bug out bags, food storage items, first aid kits and more – but they’ll also want to purchase courses that teach them things like how to build an off-the-grid homestead.

When you have a niche idea, you can take a look during your research to see what consumers are hoping to learn and what products it is that they’re buying. Forums are a good place to start, as are bestseller lists.

Step 4: Master Traffic and List Building Concepts

The fourth main aspect to consider, if you wan to earn honest money online, will be mastering traffic and building a list of those who come to your site or who buy your products. Traffic and list building, which can technically be viewed as two separate steps if you prefer, can be done from a free (organic) point of view or a paid one.

First, make sure everything is in order on your site to capture the names and email addresses of the traffic you manage to pull (or push) to your domain. That means having an alluring lead magnet as well as the opt in form they can fill out to get on your list.

...earn honest money online by tapping into the pressure points of your potential customers...

Don’t start generating traffic before this is in place, because then you’ll miss out on being able to market to these individuals in the future. You should devote ample time to making sure your squeeze page will convert well.

Just because the copy is shorter on a squeeze page than a regular sales page doesn’t mean you can slap something together and hope it converts. Remember, these subscribers can provide income for you for years to come, so it’s worth doing it right.

What you offer as a lead magnet can vary, depending on the audience. It might be a report or a full eBook. It could be a video course or even a webinar replay from a live event you held one time.

Because this is their first impression of you, you really want to wow your audience with something both irresistible and something truly valuable. Don’t think of it as a freebie, but rather the start of a lucrative and mutually beneficial relationship.

Once you have your blog or site set up, you can start the traffic generation. If you want to push traffic to your page, you can certainly buy advertising that gets the job done. But most newcomers to this industry don’t have deep pockets, so free (organic) traffic is a better option.

...a tempting lead magnet will help you earn honest money online by capturing your audience with an awesome offer...

Note that this type of traffic pulling doesn’t occur overnight. You’ll need to set your blog up with search engine optimization elements in effect. Then begin blogging using strategic keyword phrases and content that impresses both search engine bots and human consumers alike.

Once you have solid content to send people to, you can begin socializing your name and brand online on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, for example.

Or, go into forums and create an account (depending on your niche). If it’s a thriving place for your niche, position yourself as a helpful go-to expert and use a link to your website’s lead magnet page in your bio or signature file.

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