Caring for yourself on your period is an important part of monthly self-care

There are ways of caring for yourself on your period so that you don't feel overwhelmed and stressed month after month.

  • Plan what you wear,
  • track your cycles,
  • stay fresh all day,
  • plan your wardrobe,
  • invest in some pampering essentials.

From the beginning, my monthly cycle was an ordeal. Maybe yours has been too.

It can be tough to time the exact day, unless you're on the pill, but the most important tip I can share is to keep track of your cycles. Tracking allows me to plan for dates, vacations, special events, and it also allows me to answer basic questions during annual check-ups.

Show yourself a little Tender Loving Care (TLC)-
Treat yourself well while caring for yourself on your period

  •     Track Your Cycle Using a Calendar and/or Journal

Once you get an idea of when your period starts each month, you can better have a plan in place for caring for yourself on your period.Track the experience. Take notes on the start date; how heavy; how many days lasted; and the last day. You can also note things like bloating, headaches,feet swelling-anything. This information comes in handy when you're planning for the next month.

  •     Plan for what you will wear.

You don't have to limit yourself. Many women wear whatever they want. If you are comfortable- go for it. I don't like accidents, so I avoid light colored bottoms at the start of my cycle when my period is heavier. Instead, I stick to darker bottoms when I go out in public to work, school, etc. You may want to be comfortable, so plan not to wear anything to tight or restricting that may make your period symptoms worse. Throw an extra outfit in the trunk of your car.

  •     Be prepared ahead of time.

Stay stocked up on all of the monthly necessities like tampons, pads (longs, wings, nighttime pads, etc.) There is nothing more frustrating than starting your cycle and not having what you need on hand and trying to use some alternative like bathroom tissue to tied you over. Or you get the dreaded period headache and you have no pain reliever.

  •     Keep that clean fresh feeling all day.

It will make you feel good. During that time of the month, some woman worry about odor. A great way to handle that it by being sure that you have a stocked women's toiletry bag. Inside, you can keep things like fresh pads, tampons, mini body spray, pain reliever, and feminine wipes. A small bag will do that you can throw into your purse or backpack.

  • Invest in some pampering products.

Some soothing items you may want to invest in to pamper yourself to the max while practicing self care during your menstrual cycle. These items come in handy especially if your period is challenging.

  •  Menstrual heating pad
  •  Body pillow
  •  Period Panties
  •  Peppermint oil
  •  Bath oils/soaks
  • Supplements like Magnesium and Iron
  • Scented candles/diffuser for aromatherapy
  • Chamomile Tea

When caring for yourself on your period is one of the most forgotten aspects of self-care.

Most women have to deal with it, but we don't take the opportunity to pamper ourselves or plan for our monthly experience to make it the best it can be.

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