Boost Your Self Esteem With These
Daily Success Habits

Part III of Build Your Self Esteem

Make It a Point to Give Every Day Your All and Boost Your Self Esteem In The Process.

We all have areas of life that we hold back in. Maybe it comes out of fear of looking stupid, or fear of failure. But working hard every single day is the key to success.

In everything that you put your hand to, you have to give it your all. If it's working around your house, don't settle for "good enough." Keep going - and even if you have to start the task all over again, work hard to make it right.

But remember - there is a difference in doing a task right and being a perfectionist. You can give your all with work and in personal relationships, and when you see the difference between doing enough and doing as much as you can, it will shock you at how better things are when you try hard.

"Boost your self esteem by taking back control of your life."

Be fully present in everything you do every single day. Refuse to let yourself go through life on autopilot. You can tell if you're on autopilot if you finish doing something, but you can't remember parts about doing the task.

Your body was there working, but your mind was already off on something else. When you're fully present, it can give you an appreciation for what you're doing and for what you have.

Some people call this mindfulness. You leave multi tasking behind and focus on one thing at a time - one conversation, one meal, one project, etc. It helps you maximize your effort and emerge with better results than if you didn't try as hard.

Boost your self esteem through self care...

Call Time On Working When It's Time. Remember that your life is a series of seconds, minutes and hours each day. It's important to work hard because this contributes to your happiness and success. There's nothing wrong with being the kind of person who works hard.

But if you're working so many hours and you have such big projects on your shoulders that the line between work and your free time is blurred, it's time to take a step back

 ...Boost your self esteem by honoring your need for rest and solitary time to recharge...

There's a reason that taking time off work is important. This helps you recharge your batteries and helps you relax and not lose sight of the big picture of your life. Work is only a portion of your life. There are other aspects to it. When you allow work to take over, it throws everything else out of balance. This is one of the reasons that people start to eat unhealthy meals when they're working too hard.

They get too tired or too stressed to take the time to prepare a healthy meal. It's easier to grab whatever is convenient. If they took the time to de-stress, they would be making healthier decisions that would serve their work better.

 ...Boost your self esteem by looking your best and putting your best foot forward...

You'll be happier if you set work boundaries. People that have a definitive line between their work and off time are far more successful. When you take time off, you can actually improve your work performance.

Not doing this will lead to unhappiness, poor health, stress and can negatively affect your intimate relationships. Besides, you need to enjoy the fruits of your labor, and having a predetermined quitting time will enable you to make plans for that!

Protect Your Sleep Time. Striving to find personal satisfaction - especially if you're trying to build a business - can impact your sleep. You might already know the importance of getting the sleep that your body needs.

But what you might not know is that when you skip out on getting enough sleep, you can sabotage yourself. Losing sleep leads to feelings of unhappiness, anxiety and irritability.

Plus, when you don't get the sleep that your body needs, it leads to a loss of productivity. You will begin to slow down physically and cognitively because your body just can't function at top performance when it doesn't have the right amount of sleep.

 ...Boost your self esteem and over all well-being by getting plenty of sleep."

You'll find articles and advice that will tell you that you must get at least eight hours of sleep every night in order for it to be enough for your body. But the truth is that eight hours can be too much for some people and not enough for others.

One way to tell if you're getting the right amount of sleep for your body can be determined by how you feel in the mornings. If you wake up and you feel refreshed, that's a sign that you're getting enough sleep.

Feeling sluggish means that you're not getting the right amount. Getting enough sleep replaces the energy stores that you drained during the day. If you fail to refill that, then you're running on a deficit the next day.

Sometimes the unhappiness in our personal lives or the work stress will prevent a good night's sleep. It's a vicious circle, because a lack of sleep contributes to the same issues.

If you're not sleeping enough, start by examining your sleep habits. At you getting to bed early enough? Are you sleeping in a cool room with no distractions? Is your bedding comfortable?

...Boost your self esteem by prioritizing your self-care...

If your sleep hygiene is good, but you're still tired, you might go see your doctor. He may prescribe melatonin to see if that helps you get (and stay) asleep. Or he might have you participate in a sleep study.

Make sure you get to the root of the issue, because sleep is one health habit that will interfere in every part of your life, making you miserable - and possibly making you take out your frustrations on others.

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