What's blocking your motivation?

Many Things Could Be Blocking Your Motivation Without You Even Know It.

Almost everyone, no matter how successful they are, has motivational blocks at some point in time that they had to overcome. The way to do that is to recognize the motivational blocks that you’re experiencing and then work on ways to overcome them.

What Could Be Blocking Your Motivation # 1

Glass Half Full or Half Empty? 

Are you the type of person who sees the negative more than the positive? Maybe you’re the type of person who doesn’t care about that at all and knows you can refill your glass whenever you want. The important thing is that you know your personality type and how you view the world.

What Might Be Blocking Your Motivation # 2 

Outcomes or Purpose? 

When you work on a project are you the type of person who thinks about the results, deliverables, or outcomes of a project or do you need to understand the purpose or the reason you’re doing it?

When it comes to success, it doesn’t matter how you view this if you are able to motivate yourself with your thoughts. So, for example, if you must do a project where you can’t envision the purpose yet, but you can deliver results, focus on that instead.

Do you focus on your blocks as a sign that you cannot do “it,” whatever it is? If you always focus on “can’t,” you’re going to have a problem. It’s like that saying --

“Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.” Focus on “can” and finding a path to success. The way some things happen in life you may feel like you take two steps forward and then one step back. Keep in mind you’re always ahead of where you started.

What Might Be Blocking Your Motivation Nos. 4 - 9

What Might Be Blocking Your Motivation # 4 

Leader or Follower?

Neither is right or wrong but you need to know which you are. The reason is that if you want to succeed you need to understand your weaknesses so that you can fill them with team members, contractors, and others to round out your skills where you fall short. You don’t need to everything and be everything to be successful.

What Might Be Blocking Your Motivation # 5   

How Do You View the World?

Some people view the world through rose-colored glasses and see people as wonderful, interesting, and fun. While others see the world as a dangerous place, full of people who are out to hurt them.

The truth is somewhere in the middle, but successful people tend to focus on the good in the world, do their due diligence, and forge ahead.

What Might Be Blocking Your Motivation # 6 

Fear of Change

While some change is good, it doesn’t always feel good. Many people are change adverse. Change always has a cost but it also has a payoff. For example, if you need to lose 100 pounds you’re going to have to make changes to your diet that might seem (at first) to cost you all your pleasure of eating. But, that change will have a pay off after a period that will motivate you to continue that change. So, instead of stopping cold at change due to fear, embrace it and give the changes you’re making a chance to percolate into success.

What Might Be Blocking Your Motivation # 7 

Fear of Failure

People often fear failing. Some people fear success. That fear can be so strong that it paralyzes you and keeps you from trying something new. Because your mind reasons that if you don’t do it, you won’t feel bad about yourself if you fail.

But if you do it and fail, you’ll feel bad about yourself. Fear of failure is just a trick. More than likely you will experience both success and failure in your life, but more often than not, it’s a feeling of regret for not trying that makes you suffer the most. Therefore, act despite the fear. You will have succeeded at being brave.

What Might Be Blocking Your Motivation # 8 

Lack of Follow-Through

Often you’re not really lacking motivation, you’re just lacking follow through. The only way to achieve a goal is to create a plan of action and implement it. If you don’t, you won’t experience success.

Your mind can be motivated to experience success while you still lack follow through. To overcome this issue, it’s important to buckle down and set a strict schedule until you achieve the results you want. You might consider working with a coach or finding an accountability partner to help you.

Often, if you’re the type of person who is motivated by other people you might let the lack of support around you block your path to success. If you don’t feel supported by your boss, your spouse, your friends or the world it may be difficult to move forward. However, it’s important to remember that most of the time lack of support is perception and not reality. Instead, it’s imperative that you put the onus on you and not others to provide the support you need to achieve.

Working your way through motivation blocks, one at a time, is the best course of action. Many people have one or two but some people tend to have many blocks. It’s not your fault.

Some actions and reactions to situations and stress are unconscious. Study different personalities and determine which type you are. Also, look at the potential blocks and how to overcome them. Understanding yourself better will help you to overcome the hurdles or blocks more quickly.

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